About Us

Beautytap?is a digital platform for global and multicultural beauty trends and products. We have online editorial and educational content integrated with a digital social community for Q&A’s and advice. Our beauty community consists of trained beauty experts, aestheticians, makeup artists and users like you from around the world who make global beauty fun, exciting, and interactive.?


Beautytap’s?mission is to promote and spread diversity of unique cultures around the world through the discovery of global beauty rituals, ingredients, and products.?


We are a U.S.-based company with an international sourcing team located throughout the globe. So you can expect the credibility, service, and trust of a U.S.A. company with real global expertise of our international team.?




When Korean-American immigrant entrepreneur James Sun launched Beautytap in 2018, he had one mission: To expand the world’s respect and appreciation for different cultures by giving customers a way to tap into international beauty trends and products. Beautytap began with Korean beauty especially as the K-beauty movement was 8-10 years ahead in terms of technology, ingredients, and innovation. Next Beautytap added other countries with a rich history in beauty like Japan with it’s more natural and high quality raw ingredients. Today, Beautytap’s goal is to introduce all types of independent global beauty products from Asia to Europe to Australia and all over the world.?



Beautytap is more than just skin deep beauty. We at Beautytap strongly believe that beauty is our way of introducing a small part of culture to the world with the hope that the more you grow to love? beauty from other countries, the more you’ll understand and appreciate diverse cultures.?



Beautytap seeks not only existing popular brands, but we look for independent brands that have unique cultural stories. We look for products from Asia, Europe, Australia,?U.S., India, and even the Middle East, bringing the best of global beauty to the rest of the world. Our international sourcing team, led by our brand experts, is constantly on the lookout for the latest in a highly competitive and rapidly evolving beauty industry. We not only have insider access to beauty companies and brands throughout the world, we meet directly with the founders and CEOs, reviewing and testing products firsthand, always striving to discover the latest makeup trend or a high-tech, results-driven skincare line.


Best from @beautytapoffical

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